Crane Cormach 60000E6 for Hemberg Montage

Available for rent or sale

Crane AMAK 35.3

Delivery of an F660RA.2.26 for Euro-Trafic

Demo AMAK 35.3 l 15 December 2022 l 8am-12pm l Lontzen

Delivery of a crane F545RA.2.25L425 and TAM T22-5400 for the client Désir Jacky

New: Sale and rental of AMAK cranes

9 models: 3 cranes towable on trailer with a vehicle of less than 3.5 tons and 6 cranes on truck.

Delivery of a crane F545RA.2.25L426 for the client Euro-Trafic

Delivery of a crane F710RA.2.26 for the client B.S Services SPRL

Delivery of a HYVA container ship for the company SACE